Fredrika Bremer Intermediate School

Individual Landmark




Address: 1214 Lowry Avenue North

Neighborhood: Folwell

Construction Date: 1888

Architect: Stebbens and Haschsbee

Architectural Style: Romanesque Revival

Historic Use: Public - Education

Current Use: Commercial

Date of Local Designation: 1985

Date of National Designation: 1978

Area(s) of Significance: Architecture, Social History

Period of Significance: 1800-1899

Historic Profile: The area north of Broadway Avenue experienced significant expansion and development during the 1880s, necessitating the construction of the Fredrika Bremer Elementary School in 1888. Bremer was the thirtieth school building erected by the Minneapolis Public School system since its beginning in 1851. At present, there are only two school buildings in Minneapolis which were constructed prior to the Bremer School. Both have undergone extensive modification, leaving Bremer as the oldest architecturally important school building in Minneapolis. The medieval, castle-like appearance of mass and architectural detailing found in the Bremer School, once popular features, are now rare in buildings of this nature.

Photo Credits:

1910, courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

2006, Minneapolis CPED

Works Cited:

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Updated: February 2007

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