F.E. Day House

Individual Landmark


Address: 1900 Colfax Avenue South

Neighborhood: Lowry Hill

Construction Date: 1908

Contractor: Evanstra and Hagstrom

Architect: Ernest C. Haley

Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

Historic Use: Single Family Residence

Current Use: Multiple-Family Residence

Date of Local Designation: 2009

Date of National Register Designation: NA

Area(s) of Significance: Broad patterns of development, architecture, work of master architect

Period of Significance: 1908-  

Historic Profile: Constructed in 1908, the Frank Day House is a well-conserved example of the Colonial Revival style, as demonstrated by the symmetrical composition, central entrance with flanking sidelights, rectangular double-hung sash windows, and brick cladding. The house was designed by prolific Minneapolis architect Ernest C. Haley, who designed nearly 60 extant buildings in Minneapolis, many of which are located in the Groveland Addition part of the Lowry Hill neighborhood. 

Photo Credits:

2009, Minneapolis CPED

Last updated May 6, 2013