Let’s get rid of the graffiti!

The City of Minneapolis is on a mission to wipe out graffiti on homes and businesses.  We are asking residents to help.   

Graffiti in the City

Videos also available in Español, Somaaliga, Hmoob.

Step 1: Report it

Call 311 or report graffiti online.

Clean City crews take photographs of the graffiti so police can track it.  You can help by attaching a photo to your online report.  If you plan to clean up the graffiti yourself, you can save time and help accurately track graffiti by photographing the damage and removing it immediately.

Step 2: Remove it

If the graffiti is on your property, it is your responsibility to clean it up.

When graffiti is reported, property owners are notified by mail.  If the graffiti is not cleaned up within seven days of being notified, the City may remove or paint over the graffiti and bill the property owner for the cleanup cost.

Free graffiti removal solvent is available at all Minneapolis fire stations.

Free paint is available at the Hennepin County Free Product Centers

Step 3: Prevent it

There are ways you can prevent your property from being targeted by graffiti vandals.

If you see graffiti or any other vandalism in progress, call 911.






Last updated Aug 3, 2016