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Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 (NSP3)

Minneapolis was awarded $1,046,918 from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and $2,671,275 from HUD in Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3 (NSP3) funds under HERA, as amended, and the Recovery Act, as amended, and an additional allocation of funds provided by the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd-Frank Act).

HUD NSP3 Action Plan

HUD Target Area Maps
North Minneapolis – Penn Lowry Cottage Park

Northeast Minneapolis

South Minneapolis – Central

South Minneapolis - Phillips


MHFA NSP3 Program Description

MHFA Target Area Map - North Minneapolis – Hawthorne Eco Village

Public Comment period on the City of Minneapolis proposed amendment to the HUD NSP3 Target Area

The City of Minneapolis has determined that due to changes in the existing housing market, it is necessary to expand the target area for the HUD NSP3 award. Comments are due to Edie Oliveto-Oates by October 3, 2012.

Original map and the proposed expanded target: NSP3 Target Area – Expanded

Please contact either Edie Oliveto-Oates at (612) 673-5229 or Elfric Porte at (612) 673-5145 with questions.

Last updated Sep 19, 2012