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Green Homes North Developer Resources

Request for Proposals and Developer Selections

The Round 3 request for proposals was released on August 2, 2013 with proposals due on Friday August 30, 2013 for Design Phase1 and Tuesday December 10, 2013 for Design Phase 2. The program funds will assist developers with development gap financing for new construction. Green Homes North is funded by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, the City of Minneapolis and the Family Housing Fund with 2-3% loans available from the Twin Cities Community Land Bank. CPED offered over two million dollars in funding for 27 new green homes in the first two funding rounds.  CPED will offer approximately one million in funding for the third funding round. 

Round 3, 2014 Request for Proposals

Design Phase 1:

Note: Round 1 & 2 Green Homes North Developers do not need to complete the Request for Proposal Form and only need to complete the Proposed Project Budget on page 5 of the Offer to Purchase Residential Land.

Design Phase 2:

The Minneapolis zoning code requires that all single family homes obtain administrative site plan review approval before a building permit may be issued for construction. The Green Homes North Round 3 RFP contemplates that the Administrative Site Plan Review for Single Family Development Application Standards will be completed for Design Phase 2; however, it is not required to provide the completed application standards form until Green Homes North proposals are approved by the City Council. If you are developing new designs or if you have existing Green Homes North designs and would like to take advantage of an initial review of the standards you may choose to incorporate as much of the application standards in your Design Phase 2 documents as feasible.

Please be advised that all Green Homes North lots and prices must be confirmed with the identified project coordinator. Developers will identify intended lots by Wednesday, November 20, 2013 to by finalized by the Design Phase 2 proposals due December 10, 2013.

Green Homes North Program Guidelines, Maps, and Product and Services Directory

Selections from Round 2, 2013 Green Homes North Request for Proposals

Green Homes North Archived Request for Proposals information is found on the CPED Request for Proposals Archive page, under Housing Development. 


Cherie Shoquist, Principal Project Coordinator at (612) 673-5078.


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