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Fire Prevention Bureau

The Minneapolis Fire Prevention Bureau provides the city with education and outreach on fire protection and prevention.

The Fire Prevention Bureau works in partnership with Regulatory Services (Fire Inspection Services division) to provide inspections for the City’s approximately 3,000 residential structures with 4 or more units and the more than 5,000 commercial and mixed use structures. Our joint mission is to inspect each of these properties every three years based on fire code enforcement outlined in the Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC). The main focus of this work is in code analysis, review, and judicious enforcement. In addition to the shared inspection responsibilities, the Fire Prevention Bureau offers fire safety education materials and assistance to schools, day care centers, hospitals, block clubs and other groups.

Fire Inspection Services and Information

Since 2011, Fire Protection Permits will be issued by the Fire Inspection Services (FIS) of Regulatory Services.

The Plan review and inspection functions for specific types of fire safety systems, including sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, hood extinguishment systems, FM-200, above and below ground tank installations and removals, will also be managed by Fire Inspection Services.


Last updated Jul 29, 2015