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2002 Cafr Statistical Section (Unaudited)

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Government-Wide Expenses by Function – Last two fiscal years

Government-Wide Revenues – Last two fiscal years

General Governmental Expenditures by Function (1) – Last ten fiscal years

General Governmental Revenue by Source (1) – Last ten fiscal years

Property Tax Levies and Collections – Last ten fiscal years

Tax Capacity and Market Valuation of Taxable Property – Last ten fiscal years

Property Tax Rates and Tax Levies Direct and Overlapping Governments - Last ten fiscal years

Special Assessment Billings and Collections – Last ten years

Ratio of Net General Obligation Debt to Net Tax Capacity and Net General Obligation Debt per capita – Last ten years

Computation of Legal Debt Margin

Computation of Direct and Overlapping Debt General Obligation Bonds

Ratio of Annual Debt Service Expenditures for General Bonded Debt to Total General Expenditures – Last ten fiscal years

Revenue Bond Coverage issued as General Obligation Bonds – Last ten fiscal years

Revenue Bond Coverage – Water Works Bonds

Revenue Bond Coverage – Sewer Rental Bonds

Revenue Bond Coverage – Municipal Parking Bonds

Demographic Statistics – last ten fiscal years

Property Value, Construction and Bank Deposits – Last ten fiscal years

Principal Taxpayers

Miscellaneous Statistical Facts

Minneapolis Spread Levy

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