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Request For Proposals (RFP)

The City of Minneapolis occasionally posts Request for Proposal (RFP) for professional and other services on this website. The Request for Proposal process is coordinated by the department in need of the services. Linked below are RFP that are currently open for proposals. Please review the RFP carefully before preparing proposals...

Documents below require the free Acrobat Reader.

RFP: Cognos Business Intelligence & Analytical Applications Services

Addendum #1 - Updated Listing of Key Proposal Milestones

Addendum #2 - Responses to RFP Questions

Proposals Due by October 17, 2014 4:00PM

RFP: Property Maintenance: Snow Removal, Lawn Mowing and Occasional Property Maintenance Services

Attachment C - City Wide Map, East Sector Map, North Sector Map, South Sector Map, SouthWest Sector Map
Attachment D - Property Management List
Attachment E - Winter Parking Lot & Sidewalk Maintenance Workshop Flyer, Parking Lot Training Workshops Schedule
Attachment F - Property Maintenance Proposal
Attachment G - Living Wage Certificate, Living Wage Ordinance
Attachment H - Sample Performance & Payment Bonds   
Addendum #1 - Additional Items Added to Attachment A
Addendum #2 - Responses to RFP Questions
Proposals from 2011 RFP: Tree Trust, Minneapolis Maintenance, Better Futures
Addendum #3 - Pre-Proposal Conference Power Point Presentation
Addendum #4 - Extending the Timeline for Questions to be Submitted
Addendum #5 - Responses to RFP Questions 2
Seasonal Property Maintenance RFP from 2011
City of Minneapolis Small and Underutilized Business Program (SUBP)

Proposals Due by October 21, 2014 4:00PM

RFP: Law Enforcement Records Management System

Attachment A - Proposal Response Forms (Word)
Attachment B - MPD Functional Requirements (Excel)
Attachment C - Cost Proposal Response Forms (Excel)
Exhibit 1 - MPD Integration Requirements
Exhibit 2 - Integration Types
Exhibit 3 - Acceptance Test Requirements
Exhibit 4 - System Performance Requirements
Exhibit 5 - General Provisions for Contract

Addendum #1 - Correction to the Response Instruction in Attachment B

Addendum #2 - Additional Documentation Regarding the MPD Business Processes

Addendum #3 - Responses to RFP Questions

Addendum #4 - Responses to RFP Questions 2

Proposals Due October 30, 2014 1:00PM

RFP: Resident Survey 2015 and 2017

City of Minneapolis Small and Underutilized Business Program (SUBP)

Proposals Due by October 30, 2014 4:00PM

RFP: Maintaining the City Charter and Code of Ordinances

Proposals Due by October 31, 2014 4:00PM

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Last updated Oct 17, 2014