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Minneapolis City Budget

In August, Mayor Betsy Hodges proposed a budget for the City of Minneapolis for 2016, which leads to a City Council process to review and approve a final budget in December. The proposed $1.22 billion operating and capital budget for 2016 includes a 3.4 percent increase in the City’s portion of the 2016 property tax levy, compared to 2015. Of the City’s total budget, only about 20 percent is funded through property taxes. Your property taxes fund basic City services such as:

2016 budget highlights
Highlights from the proposed 2016 budget include:

Why is Minneapolis’ portion of my property tax bill changing?
Even though the City’s overall tax levy – the total dollar amount the City collects in property taxes – is increasing by 3.4 percent, the Minneapolis portion of your property tax bill may go up or down from 2015 to 2016. This is due to a number of factors including a change in your property’s value and changes in the values of other properties in Minneapolis.

Thanks to significant growth in the city’s tax base over the last year, about two-thirds of all residential properties may see a decrease or no increase in the City portion of their property taxes.

Property tax bill breakdown
When reviewing your property taxes each year, it’s important to recognize that you pay property taxes to several taxing authorities, though you will only receive one property tax “bill.” Here is how the average Minneapolis property tax bill breaks down:

Taxing Authority

Percent of Bill

City of Minneapolis


Hennepin County


School District


Other Taxing Districts*


*This is split between the Metropolitan Council, Metropolitan Transit, Metropolitan Mosquito Control, and the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority. 

Public Hearings
The Minneapolis City Council considered the Mayor’s budget proposal and voted to adopt a final 2015 budget on Dec. 10, 2014. Before that vote, there were two public hearings for the public to comment on the 2015 budget proposal:

You can attend a hearing in person, watch on Minneapolis 79 (Comcast cable channel 79 in Minneapolis) or watch live on the City website.

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Last updated Jun 30, 2016