Finance Department

350 S. 5th St., Room 325M
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Bids/Procurement (612) 673-2500
Payroll questions (612) 673-3086
Accounts Payable (612) 673-2311
General Administration (612) 673-2079

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Financial Transparency Platform
The City has launched its Financial Transparency Platform - an interactive reporting tool that allows the public to explore City financial data online in various, easy-to-use graphical formats.

2016 Adopted Budget
2015 Adopted Budget
2014 Adopted Budget
2013 CLIC Report (2014-2018)
2012 CAFR

Financial Reports

This site contains financial reports produced by the department.

Financial Reports

CLIC Members Job Description

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)


Bond Holder Information

Bond holders and others will find useful information on the financial position of the City of Minneapolis. If you are seeking investment information, please visit Digital Assurance Certification LLC (DAC), register, log in and navigate to information regarding the City of Minneapolis.

Financial Reports

Minneapolis Budget

Bond information (DAC/Secondary market disclosure - you will be leaving the City of Minneapolis Web site)

Responsible Banking

Per City Ordinance 2013-Or-082, financial institutions which participate in or desire to participate in City of Minneapolis provision of banking services or investment banks for the city shall compile and provide electronically to the City Finance Department the following information:

Financial Institution Disclosure Form

Disclosure Form Responses

Last updated Feb 17, 2016