Advisory Opinions

The Ethical Practices Board may issue a formal written advisory opinion on its own initiative or on the request of a person, City department or other City entity to which the Citys Ethics Code applies. A request for a formal advisory opinion may be made only by an individual or City body that wishes to use the opinion to guide the individual’s or entity’s conduct.

Requests for formal written advisory opinions shall be in writing and must set out with reasonable specificity the facts and circumstances of a real or hypothetical case. Requests shall be filed with the Ethics Officer who shall assist any person requesting a formal advisory opinion to prepare the request.

Written formal advisory opinions issued by the Board are binding on the Board in a subsequent Board proceeding concerning a complaint filed against the person making or covered by the request and the proceeding involves the subject matter of the requested opinion unless otherwise stated by the Board consistent with the Board bylaws.

Ethical Practices Board Opinions


Last updated Mar 15, 2017