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Environmental Services – Well Program


Environmental Services has been assigned authority from the Minneapolis Health Department to issue permits for the construction and sealing of wells (not including dewatering wells and environmental bore holes). Environmental Services reviews plans and inspects construction and sealing of wells, and also maintains the well maintenance permit program for monitoring wells and out of service water wells within the City.

Wells provide a path for contaminates to enter the groundwater supply. Potential sources of pollution arise primarily from the improper storage and handling of chemicals. If spilled or leached into the soil, chemicals may seep into wells and contaminate the groundwater supply. The natural movement of groundwater may carry contaminates to drinking water supplies or to surface waters such as lakes, streams, or rivers.

If you have questions about Minneapolis Well Program, call Minneapolis 311, or (612)673-3000 if you are outside Minneapolis. Or complete the Minneapolis Environmental Complaint Form.

Last updated Sep 25, 2015