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Oil Water Separator and Sediment Trap Permit

A permit is required for installation or removal of an oil water separator and sediment trap. This trap separates oil and sediment pollution from water entering the sanitary sewer. Without the trap this waste would overwhelm the sanitary system. This is required in facilities that have oil based waste.

Oil Water Separator and Sediment Trap Application (pdf)

Oil Water Separator and Sediment Trap Ordinance

48.270.  Oil/water separators and sediment trap permit and registration fees. 

(a) No person(s) shall install, remove or maintain an oil/water separating device or sediment trap without notifying the authority and paying the permit and annual registration fee(s) as required by section 48.310.

(b) Each oil/water separator and sediment trap shall be cleaned by applicant(s) once a year or as required to maintain the integrity of the system, or as required by the authority. Records of this and other maintenance activities performed on the separator shall be kept on-site for not less than three (3) years. These records shall be made available to the authority upon written or verbal request. (2002-Or-169, § 26, 11-8-02; 2006-Or-050, § 6, 5-12-06)

Last updated Sep 25, 2015