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Environmental Services

The goal of Minneapolis Environmental Services is to protect human health and the quality of our natural environment.

Environmental Services is responsible for addressing air, land, noise and water pollution in Minneapolis. We do this by:

Do you have an environmental complaint?

To file an environmental complaint complete the Online Complaint Form or call 311.

Innovative Initiatives

Green Business Cost Sharing Program offers support for dry cleaners, auto body shops or other businesses moving away from processes that create Volatile Organic Compounds.

Trees play an important role in improving air quality. Increasing the tree canopy will result in cleaner air. Environmental Services has two programs working to increase the number of canopy trees in Minneapolis.

Green Business Cost Sharing Program in the news

On March 23, 2015, Minneapolis awarded three Green Business Awards for Pollution Reduction. The recipients are:

The City of Minneapolis thanks them for their investment in the health of their workers, customers and neighbors by converting to cleaner technology through the city's Green Business Matching Grant Program.

Read about Dunwoody College of Technology's award in their newsletter here. Scroll down to the March 2015 story.

Air Quality Study

A two-year citywide study of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) at the neighborhood level.

 Read more on the Minneapolis Air Quality webpage.

 ES Team August 2014
The City of Minneapolis Environmental Services team (Summer 2014)


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