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Commercial Building Benchmarking and Transparency

In Minneapolis, large commercial buildings make up almost 50% of the city's energy use.  This provides a tremendous opportunity for identifying areas with the largest potential for energy savings. In February of 2013, the Minneapolis City Council adopted ordinance 47.190 requiring commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and over and city-owned buildings 25,000 square feet and over to annually benchmark their energy consumption and report this information to the City. This ordinance will allow building owners and the City to track energy and water usage year to year to determine opportunities for improvement, recognize high performers, and determine progress towards the City's Climate Action Plan goals.


All commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger are required to report their annual energy and water benchmarking results to the City through the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program. 

How to Comply


Requirements: Is your large commercial building required to comply the City's energy benchmarking ordinance? To find out, view the list of properties required to comply. The list includes your Minneapolis Building ID, Minneapolis Property ID and Building Area information. For questions about the ordinance or the notification you received from the City, contact Minneapolis Environmental Services at mplsenergystar@minneapolismn.gov or 612-673-3091.


Help: Need assistance? Step-by-step instructions and Helpline information are available from the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) at http://benchmarking.mncee.org/.


Extensions: To request an extension or exemption for reporting 2014 energy data fill out the Extension/Exemption form. Return the form to Environmental Services at MPLSEnergyStar@minneapolismn.gov . In order for an exemption or extension to be granted, you also need to connect to the City of Minneapolis in Portfolio Manager. Search for MPLSBENCHMARK and sending a connection request.



Submit: Click this link, which will ask you to log into Portfolio Manager if you are not already, and follow the prompts to submit your data to the City.



Results: How is your building performing? See the results page here.



Minneapolis Energy News: Subscribe to quarterly updates on energy efficiency happenings for large commercial buildings.





Resources for Building Owners and Managers

Benchmarking Timeline

Due Date


Status of Public Disclosure

June 1, 2013

City owned buildings

Public disclosure begins for city and other publicly-owned buildings

June 1, 2014

City owned buildings and Commecial buildings of 100,000  square feet and over

Public disclosure of city and other publicly-owned buildings

June 1, 2015

City owned buildings and Commercial buildings of 50,000 square feet and over

Public disclosure begins for commercial buildings of 100,000 square feet and over

June 1, 2016

City owned buildings and Commercial buildings of 50,000 square feet and over

Public disclosure applies to all affected buildings


Last updated Sep 25, 2015