What has the City of Minneapolis done to prepare for an emergency?

In case of an emergency or disaster in our community, The City of Minneapolis and its Emergency Management team will respond. The team will be led by the Emergency Management Director who serves at the direction of the Mayor and coordinates all aspects of the Minneapolis’ Emergency Operations Plan. The Emergency Plan, which was originally developed for natural and man-made disasters, was strengthened to include emergency responses to potential terrorist acts using weapons of mass destruction.

Emergency management requires planning, training and exercising on a regular basis, and appropriate equipment, to ensure maximum readiness to respond to an actual incident. Since 1995, the City of Minneapolis has:

Full-Scale emergency-specific Trainings

These are opportunities for emergency responders and City leadership to participate in a simulated emergency that is played out "in the field." These comprehensive exercises test the City’s overall Emergency Plan and provide a "real-life" learning opportunity for those who must respond to an attack. These trainings are conducted with a number of different county, state, metro-wide, and federal agencies.

Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises involve emergency responders and leadership ‘playing out’ an emergency situation on paper. The City participates on a regular basis with county, state, metro-wide, and federal agencies testing the City’s preparedness to respond to a variety of natural and man-made disasters.

Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) Training

Minneapolis has been selected to participate in the Integrated Emergency Management Course in March 2002. About 80 Minneapolis officials will attend this four-day city-specific course designed to strengthen the City’s ability to deal effectively with an emergency situation. The training team will learn potential strengths and weaknesses in our response capabilities and integrate that learning into the City’s best practices.

Improved training and upgraded equipment

Emergency response teams are being provided routine training that includes hazardous materials awareness and operating training for all Minneapolis firefighters. In addition, key personnel have been trained in all five-levels of hazardous materials training.

State of the art hazardous materials equipment was secured to deal with biological and chemical emergency situations. New equipment includes monitoring devices, chemical protective clothing, decontamination equipment and a heavy rescue rig with confined space and high angle rescue capabilities.

Enhanced medical response system

Minneapolis is enhancing the medical response capabilities of emergency responders by developing a Metropolitan Medical Response System for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The plan is being funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Last updated Mar 31, 2015