Downtown East Ramp

Special Note to Proposers re: the Downtown East Ramp Site:  The City has received written requests from the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (MSFC) and Zygi Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings, asking the City to withdraw the Downtown East Ramp from the current RFP process due to issues involving the proposed new Vikings stadium and related development prospects. The City has responded in a letter to Mr. Wilf stating that the City will not exclude the ramp from the sale process at this time, but is interested in continuing discussions with the MSFC and the Vikings organization about mutually acceptable options. Links to the three letters are provided below:

MSFC Letter (pdf)
Vikings/Zygi Wilf Letter (pdf)

City Response Letter to Wilf (pdf)

Rate History (added 9-18-06)

Aerial Site Map

Ramp Site Survey (added 9-27-06)

Floor Plans

Operator Income Statements

Maintenance / Structural Condition Reports: None Available

Environmental Reports: None Available

Title Commitment 1

Title Commitment 2

Title Commitment 3


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Last updated Nov 4, 2011