1300 North Second Street Request for Proposals

May 2005

Pre-proposal Meeting

An optional pre-proposal meeting about the 1300 North Second Street RFP, tentatively scheduled for June 1st, has been canceled since there have been no requests for such a meeting from potential proposers. Watch this site or contact the project coordinator for further updates.

Online questions and answers

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RFP materials

The Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department is seeking development proposals for a 74,000-square-foot property located at 1300 North Second Street within the City’s North Washington Jobs Park. A broad range of proposals will be accepted, however, proposals demonstrating a high number of living wage jobs will be most favorably received.

View 1300 North Second Street RFP (pdf, 16 pages, 213 KB)

Northside Jobs Park Design Guidelines and Development Framework (pdf, 64 pages, 2.1 MB)

Proposals are due at or before 4 p.m., Thursday, June 30, 2005.

For more information, contact Jim Forsyth, (612) 673-5179.

May 4, 2005

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