Block 1 Liner Parcel and Air Rights Plane – 728 South 4th Street

The City of Minneapolis is seeking development proposals for a Liner Parcel and an Air Rights Plane (together the “Property”) on “Block 1” at 728 South 4th Street in downtown Minneapolis. This block is being developed in conjunction with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority’s (MSFA) Multi-Purpose Stadium project directly east of the Property and the Ryan Companies’ mixed use development project directly to the west of the Property. The development goals are to maximize the Property’s development potential and contribute to the vibrancy of this strategic area of the city. The Star Tribune Company currently owns this Block and the Ryan Companies has a purchase agreement to acquire the Block on behalf of the MSFA, who will be the ultimate owner of the Ramp. The MSFA will convey the Property directly to the developer selected by the City.

The Property has a central location in the Downtown East area, adjacent to the Downtown East Light Rail Station and a new urban green space that is also being built as part of the Ryan Companies project. When the MSFA and Ryan Companies projects are complete, the block will be skyway connected to the new Stadium to the east and to the downtown core to the west.

Proposals are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

RFP Document (pdf)

Question and Answers (pdf)


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Last updated Jan 15, 2014