2013 Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Demonstration Account and Livable Communities Demonstration Account TOD Grants

The City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) is soliciting applications for the 2013 Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA) program and Livable Communities Demonstration Account TOD (LCDA TOD) program.  CPED will evaluate proposals through an established selection process and make recommendations to the Minneapolis City Council on up to three (3) applications for each program to submit to the Metropolitan Council (only three applications per program may be submitted per city).  Based on applications received, CPED staff will determine to which funding program applications will be submitted. Final funding decisions are expected from the Metropolitan Council in late 2013. ***Please note that the City is only soliciting applications for the LCDA Development Grant program, and not the Pre-Development Grant program.

City Administrative Procedures

An application fee of $750 is due with each pre-application submitted to the City, made payable to the City of Minneapolis. The application fee is non-refundable. If the Metropolitan Council awards LCDA or LCDA TOD funds to a project, the City will also collect a 7% grant award administration fee, which will be collected at the time of execution of the subrecipient agreement between the City and the developer.  The fee is 3% for projects that comply with the City’s Affordable Housing Policy, or for commercial/industrial projects located in areas designated as ‘intervene’ in the Great Streets program. No City or Metropolitan Council funds may be used to pay either fee. Grant funds are not available until the project is fully-funded and ready to begin construction. 

Application Materials

The following items are required for a complete City pre-application submittal:

  1. Metropolitan Council 2012 LCDA Project Concept Plan Submittal (doc). 2013 forms are not yet available; updates will be made as necessary.
  2. Metropolitan Council 2012 LCDA Project Concept Plan Uses (xls).

  3. An aerial map and land use map, described on the last page of the Project Concept Plan Submittal (doc).

  4. Up to five one-page images or graphics of your choice.

  5. A financial analysis, if one has been completed.

  6. $750 application fee, made payable to the City of Minneapolis.

  7. A separate sources and uses statement for the overall project, including status of each source: committed, pending, or when to be applied for.

  8. A one page project summary, including: project schedule, neighborhood review status, City plan review status, and site control status.

  9. City staff may request additional information, once your application is under review.

Informational Materials

  1. 2012 LCDA Pre-Application Guide.

  2. 2013 City of Minneapolis LCDA and LCDA TOD Ranking Tool.

For additional information on the Metropolitan Council's funding programs, please visit: www.metrocouncil.org/Communities/Services/Livable-Communities-Grants.aspx

All applications within the City of Minneapolis, including those mailed to the address below, must be received no later than 4:00pm on Wednesday March 6, 2013. Applications received after that time will not be accepted.

Send one paper copy and one electronic copy of the pre-application and attachments to:

Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department
ATTN: Purchasing (Metropolitan Council LCDA and LCDA TOD)
Crown Roller Mill
105 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2534

Important note: All applicants must review the Metropolitan Council’s LCDA and LCDA TOD Funding Guidelines and Eligible Uses of Funds before completing the application.  If awarded, the submitted application is incorporated into the grant agreement with the Metropolitan Council. Applicants are encouraged to monitor the Metropolitan Council’s and the City’s website, as updated materials become available.

The City reserves the right to make changes to applications up to the time they are submitted by the City to the Metropolitan Council. The City also reserves the right to accept or reject all funding requests and rescind the request for proposals.

Anticipated Schedule for City of Minneapolis 2013 Metropolitan Council LCDA and LCDA TOD Process

March 6         City Pre-Application due at CPED (above address) by 4:00pm
April 2            City Council Community Development Committee reviews Pre-Applications
April 12          City Council approves Pre-Applications
TBD               Pre- and Final Application deadlines for the Metropolitan Council

Applicants will be notified of the City Council’s decision on which applications will be forwarded to the Metropolitan Council after Friday, April 12, 2013, including instructions on preparing the final application for selected applicants.

Contact David Frank at (612) 673-5238 with questions regarding the LCDA TOD program or the City of Minneapolis process for this program.


Last updated Sep 14, 2016