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Minneapolis Riverfront District Signage & Wayfinding Master Plan

April 2004

The Minneapolis Riverfront District Signage & Wayfinding Master Plan was prepared to help define and identify the section of riverfront near downtown Minneapolis. Goals are to create a strong sense of place, help visitors find their way to and around the district, and enhance the experience of its many historical, recreational, cultural and commercial amenities. The St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board funded the plan. Project consultant Larsen Design + Interactive prepared the plan in consultation with a multi-agency staff steering committee. Planning is underway for a strategy to implement the plan throughout the riverfront district, including the possibility of five prototype signs installed along Chicago Avenue. 

Entire Plan (pdf, 12.4 MB, 96 pages) (without Appendix—see below)


Introduction (pdf, 406 KB, 8 pages)

Project Summary (pdf, 464 KB, 5 pages)

Research (pdf, 4.29 MB, 22 pages)

Traffic Patterns (pdf, 1.6 MB, 9 pages)

Sign Types (pdf, 1 MB, 14 pages)

Approval Criteria and Process (pdf, 54 KB, 7 pages)

Implementation Planning(pdf, 2.14 MB, 13 pages)

Inventory of Existing Signs (pdf, 2.74 MB, 18 pages)

Appendix (detailed sign location maps)(pdf, 1.95 MB, 14 pages)

May 2, 2005

Last updated Oct 28, 2011