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Minneapolis’ Central Riverfront

"The Minneapolis Riverfront District"

Riverfront Revitalization

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Revitalization of the Central Riverfront—the Minneapolis Riverfront District—began in the 1970s and has been pursued by increments over the last three decades. While planning for the area is ongoing and evolutionary, the consistent theme has been to convert the Minneapolis Riverfront District into, once again, a vital part of the city. The basic organizing principle is to respect and protect both the Mississippi River (as the pre-eminent natural resource) and the historic district that encompasses most of the area (as the pre-eminent cultural resource).

This massive redevelopment effort requires the ongoing cooperation of multiple public and private entities. The City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board play core roles. Historic interpretation is guided by the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board. Other public agencies at all levels — local, county, regional, state and federal — participate in various roles, including providing funding. Private developers, businesses and organizations such as the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Historical Society make critical investments in redevelopment projects in the district. And, the residential and business communities help shape the plans and outcomes.


Plans and Publications

Pending Mill District Development Map (pdf)

Riverfront District Signage & Wayfinding Master Plan

Historic Mills District Master Plan, Update - Sept. 2001

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Master Plan

Downtown Minneapolis map of development projects

Historic Mills District Master (pdf)

Redevelopment Projects Map (pdf)

Partners and Links

St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board

Minneapolis Riverfront District visitor information

Minneapolis Riverfront District Year of Bridges

Central riverfront neighborhood organizations
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  • Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association (Downtown West and East)
  • Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association
  • Nicollet Island-East Bank Neighborhood Association
  • Warehouse District-North Loop Association
  • St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization

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May 17, 2010

Last updated Nov 23, 2011