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Sector Team Work

CPED Contact Information by Sector Map (pdf) - Use this map to determine the assigned Planner or Project Coordinator for the project or issue you are interested in. Please contact a sector liaison if you have any questions about the CPED sector teams.

See the Current Planning & Development Activities for a listing of projects in each ward.

A Team Effort

Each Sector Team includes members from planning, housing and economic development divisions who will serve as liaisons for each of the City’s five sectors (north, south, east, west and downtown). These liaisons provide a simple point of access and communications for elected officials, partners and the community.

Sector Teams are forums for communication, coordination, project discussions and problem-solving for projects CPED staff are already engaged in. The CPED planning division has used the geographic sector approach successfully for years, as have several other project teams like the Hiawatha Task Force and the Northside Team. The new sector teams build on these successes.

Planning and Development

CPED was created in 2003 with a goal of aligning the planning and development activities of the City. Today, we are strengthening this alignment by coordinating and supporting our work geographically across divisions with five Sector Teams designed to:


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Last updated Nov 23, 2011