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Small-scale retail uses

Smaller-scale, neighborhood serving retail uses are generally more consistent with TOD versus uses that depend upon and generate large volumes of automobile traffic. The Zoning Code encourages small-scale retail uses, as opposed to big box or larger-scale uses, by limiting the square footage of such uses in certain zoning districts. It does this best in the C1, C3A, OR2 and OR3 districts.

In the C1 and C3A districts, a single commercial use can be a maximum of 4,000 square feet of gross floor area (GFA). This restriction on the market can be overcome somewhat by meeting other public objectives. When parking is not located between the principal structure and the street, the maximum GFA per use is increased to 6,000 sq. ft 1

The OR2 and OR3 Office Residence (OR) districts allow small-scale neighborhood-oriented retail uses as part of larger structures. The size of such uses is limited to 2,000 square feet of GFA and must be located in a structure with at least 20,000 square feet.

The C2 district does not place as great a restriction on the size of individual commercial uses, limiting such uses to 30,000 square feet.

In the C1 and C2 districts, the above size limitations do not apply for Planned Unit Developments, which require a minimum size of two acres for the site.

By contrast, C3S and C4 districts do not place limitations on the size of individual retail uses. Shopping Centers such as the Quarry and Minnehaha Mall, as well as supermarkets, are zoned C3S. C4 zoning is generally limited to smaller parcels, tending to limit the size of individual uses.

1 Many uses are nevertheless required to meet this standard under Site Plan Review. See section below on Building Form.

Last updated Nov 3, 2011