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The Role of Zoning in Implementation of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in the Hiawatha Corridor


Land use planning envisions what types of development are better suited for certain areas than others. Zoning is the regulation of the use of land, including the height, massing, and design of structures. Plans for areas around Hiawatha LRT stations in Minneapolis neighborhoods call for the creation of higher density, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented environments. This document analyzes how the Zoning Code addresses the principles of Transit Oriented Development, as listed below. This review is not exhaustive and does not portend to supplant the authority or interpretation of the Zoning Code by the Zoning Administrator.

Note: The Zoning Code identifies Permitted and Conditional Uses. The latter uses automatically trigger a public hearing and review by the Planning Commission. The general term "allowed" is used herein to describe uses that are not prohibited outright, and are either a Permitted or a Conditional Use.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011