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Rezoning Studies

A Rezoning Study is a key tool that allows the City to implement land use policy adopted by the City Council. Studies usually take place shortly after the completion of a planning process and result in a recommendation to change the zoning of multiple parcels so that zoning is consistent with adopted future land use plans. There are adopted plans that cover areas all over the City. Please refer to the in progress and completed plans websites for more information on those plans.

It is the City’s goal to encourage the type of development envisioned in adopted City plans and prevent development that is inconsistent with those plans. The City also has a legal obligation to ensure that zoning reflects adopted land use goals.

A map of all rezoning studies completed over the years is in the progress of being created. Until then, refer to the following project websites for recently completed and in progress rezoning studies.

Loring Park Rezoning Study (In Progress)

38th Street Station Area Rezoning Study, East of Hiawatha (2012)

Nokomis East LRT Station Area Rezoning Study (2012)

Lowry Avenue Rezoning Study (2011)

Downtown Rezoning Study (2011)

Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study (2010)

West Broadway Rezoning Study (2009)

46th Street Station Area Rezoning Study (2009)

38th Street Station Area Rezoning Study, West of Hiawatha Avenue (2008)

29th and University Avenue Rezoning Study

Franklin Avenue Station Area Rezoning Study (2007)

Bassett Creek Valley Rezoning Study (2007)

Nicollet Franklin Rezoning Study (2006)

South Lyndale Rezoning Study (2006)

Last updated Nov 25, 2014