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Downtown Rezoning Study

The Downtown Rezoning Study is a follow-up analysis to implement policies found in the following planning documents adopted by the City Council:

North Loop Small Area Plan (with Appendix)
The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth
The Downtown East/North Loop Master Plan

The Downtown Rezoning Study was adopted by the Minneapolis City Council on June 22nd, 2011. A series of maps depicting the zoning changes, along with several text changes to the Zoning Ordinance are below.

Adopted Zoning Changes

Zoning Ordinance Text Changes

Chapter 521. Zoning Districts and Maps Generally (pdf)
Chapter 543. On-premise Signs Text Changes (pdf)
Chapter 541. Off-street Parking and Loading Text Changes (pdf)
Chapter 549. Downtown Districts
List of Proposed Changes by Parcel (pdf)

To learn more about past rezoning studies, and for more information on zoning in general in Minneapolis, please visit the Rezoning Study main website.

For more information contact:

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Joe Bernard, AICP, Senior City Planner
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