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Nokomis East LRT Station Area Rezoning Study


In 2007 the Minneapolis City Council adopted the Nokomis East Station Area Plan, following an extensive neighborhood planning process. The plan outlines a vision for new transit-oriented development and related public improvements near the 50th Street and VA Medical Center LRT stations. A key component of realizing the vision is to ensure that the city’s zoning code, which regulates land use and development, is compatible with the adopted plan. This means analyzing the existing zoning near the station and making changes that would allow for the type of development envisioned in the plan. The Community Planning and Economic Development department (CPED) has conducted this analysis for the area covered by the Nokomis East Statin Area Plan.

Policy Guidance

The zoning changes are a reflection of existing land use policy adopted by the City Council. The primary documents consulted by City Staff in developing the zoning recommendations are The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth (The City’s comprehensive plan) and The Nokomis East Station Area Plan.

Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth
Nokomis East Station Area Plan

Approved Zoning Changes

New Primary Zoning Map
New Overlay Zoning Map 

Zoning Information

Zoning District Summaries

For more information on specific zoning districts, visit the Zoning Administration website.


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