Downtown East/North Loop Master Plan

Adopted: October 2003

The primary goal of the Downtown East/North Loop Master Plan is to develop a vision and a framework for how new growth should occur in the underdeveloped districts of Downtown Minneapolis, particularly in areas surrounding proposed rail transit stations. Master Plans provide City officials with critical information for making sound decisions concerning the City's priorities for revitalization within designated project areas.

The Downtown East/North Loop Master Plan was adopted by the Minneapolis Planning Commission in September 2003. It was subsequently adopted by the Minneapolis City Council in October 2003.

An update to and expansion of the plan was adopted by the City Council in 2010 to cover the remainder of the North Loop Neighborhood. Information on that process can be found on the North Loop Small Area Plan website

What have been the barriers to development on the surface parking lots in Downtown East and Elliot Park? Check out the East Downtown Parking Lot Study.

Viewing the Master Plan

There are three ways for you to view the master plan:

Option 1 – View the document in Adobe Acrobat. Click on the links below to access chapters of the plan:

Executive Summary (pdf)
Cover and Table of Contents (pdf)
Chapter 1 – Introduction and Background (pdf)
Chapter 2 – Planning Complete Communities (pdf)
Chapter 3 – Market Analysis (pdf)
Chapter 4 – Land Use Plan (pdf)
Chapter 5 – Urban Design Plan (pdf)
Chapter 6 – Local Regulatory Framework (pdf)
Chapter 7 – Phasing and Implementation Plan (pdf)

Option 2 Use the links below in this website to explore this master plan online. The Downtown East/North Loop Master Plan is a public document. Files on the plan web page are provided so that they can be used and shared accordingly. Please include a reference of the Minneapolis CPED/Planning Division and IBI Group as the sources of this information in all verbal presentations and on all written and electronic materials that you share publicly from this website.

Table of Figures
Chapter 1: Introduction and Background
Chapter 2: Planning Complete Communities
Chapter 3: Market Analysis
Chapter 4: Land Use Plan
Chapter 5: Urban Design Plan
Chapter 6: Local Regulatory Framework
Chapter 7: Phasing and Implementation Plan
Background on the Plan Approval Process
Executive Summary

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