Eitel Hospital Site, Loring Park EAW


This EAW studies the proposal by Willow Street Associates for redevelopment of the blocks east and west of Spruce Place between Grant Street and 14th Street on the eastern edge of Loring Park. The 2.51 acre site includes the entire block presently occupied by Eitel Hospital west of Spruce Place, and the southern edge of the block east of Spruce Place. A 275 unit, 38 floor, condominium building with 4800 sf of retail space served by 337 parking spaces is proposed for the parcel east of Spruce Place. West of Spruce Place the construction of a two new, linked, 6 floor apartment buildings and the renovation of the former Eitel Hospital will provide 204 housing units and 2000 sf of retail space served by 242 parking spaces.

Copies of the EAW will be available for review at the downtown Minneapolis Public Library located at 250 Marquette Ave., and in the office of the City Planning Division at 210 City Hall.

Notice will be published in the EQB Monitor on Monday, September 26, 2005. Public comments on the EAW must be made within the 30-day comment period, which ends at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 2005. The Zoning and Planning Committee at its regular meeting on November 10, 2005, or at a subsequent meeting, will receive a report and recommendation from City staff, hear comment from all parties and consider the adequacy of this EAW and the need for an Environmental Impact Statement for this proposal. The City Council will act on the recommendation of this Committee at a subsequent meeting.

This EAW and supporting information will also be available for review on the City of Minneapolis website.

For further information call 612-673-3000.

Last updated Nov 13, 2013