46th Street Station Area Master Plan

Plan Status
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Plan Status

The 46th & Hiawatha Station Area Master Plan is part of a series of long-range studies being completed for transit-oriented development (TOD) around Hiawatha LRT station sites. The area of study includes Longfellow, Standish-Ericsson, and Nokomis East. It focuses on land uses, urban design, public infrastructure, and amenities located within a 1/2-mile of the station. The purpose of the Plan is to guide changes that build upon neighborhood strengths and capitalize on opportunities that may include:

The Plan was developed with public participation and guidance from both community and technical advisory committees. The Plan will inform City policy, guiding changes to the City's Comprehensive Plan (the Minneapolis Plan), zoning regulations, redevelopment activity, and capital improvement plans.

Newsletters describing the process and the results of public workshops are included below:

November 2000

December 2000

March 2001

May 2001

The 46th & Hiawatha Station Area Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on December 28th, 2001." Read the staff report and recommendations adopted by the City Planning Commission on December 11th, 2001.

Comments or questions about the Plan can be directed to:

Paul Mogush, Principal Planner
Minneapolis Planning Department
250 S 4th Street, Room 110
Minneapolis, MN 55415



The 46th & Hiawatha Station Area planning process was funded through a grant from the Federal Transit Administration, which was managed by Hennepin County Transit & Community Works in cooperation with the City of Minneapolis.

A consulting team supported this project, and including the following firms:

A Community Steering Committee held guide the process, and included the following individuals:

A Technical Advisory Committee also provided support to the project, and including the following individuals:

Plan Sections

A physical copy of the 46th & Hiawatha Station Area Master Plan is available to review at the Roosevelt Library, Nokomis Library, the Government Documents Department of the Central Library, and the Municipal Information Library collection. Copies were also sent to Longfellow Community Council, Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association, the Nokomis-East Neighborhood Association, agency representatives, public officials, and other parties.

The documents below require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of the files are quite large and may take longer to download.

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Land Use

Chapter 3: Urban Design

Chapter 4: Zoning

Chapter 5: Transportation

Chapter 6: Market Analysis

Chapter 7: Community Participation Process

Chapter 8: Proposed Plan

Chapter 9: Implementation

Appendix A: Land Use Survey Results

Appendix B: SWOT Analysis Results

Appendix C: IPS Results

Appendix D: Review of Existing Documents

The following additional files have been included to address problems with specific pages.

Figure 8.1 Consensus Plan.pdf (1.3 MB)
This image is difficult to read in Chapter 8. It has been provided here at a higher graphic resolution.

Development Sub Areas.pdf (217 KB)
Figure 8.5 in the plan lacks labels to identify the different development sub areas in the station area. These areas are indicated in this file.

46th Street Cross Section.pdf (336 KB)
The images in Figures 8.9 and 8.10 are difficult to read in Chapter 8. A modified version of the images is reproduced here for greater resolution and clarity.

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