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Minneapolis Employment and Training 

The Local Unified Plan for Minnesota’s Integrated Local Workforce Investment System for Program Year 2014 is now open for public comment until June 26, 2014. Written comments may be submitted by e-mail to Matt Kruger.

2014 Local Unified WIA Plan Narrative
Attachment 1 – Twin Cities Industry Growth and Location Quotients 2014 Update

Minneapolis Employment and Training administers a variety of employment and training programs under the direction of the Mayor, City Council, and Minneapolis Workforce Council. Minneapolis Employment and Training is the administrative entity/staff to the Minneapolis Workforce Council. City programs under the oversight of the Workforce Council include services for low-income adult, dislocated workers, MFIP recipients, and Youth. In Minneapolis, these services are delivered to job seekers and businesses by community-based organizations which have been competitively evaluated and selected based on their ability to effectively serve target groups and achieve employment-related outcomes, including both placement and support for retention in employment. Read Employment and Training reports.

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