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Individualized Service Strategy / Employability Development Plan (draft - 7/1/13)

(case manager) enter Individual Plan Development activity in WF1




Workforce 1 ID #


Most Recent Career / Job Title:


Resume attached uploaded to

Employment History Outlook

(case manager) enter Career Counseling activity in WF1

Job Title from Layoff Employer


Base Salary

$       per hour annual

Years Worked in this Occupation


Job Duties


Certifications, Licenses, and/or other Credentials


Highest Level of Education


Fields(s) of Study


Training Institution


Current Labor Market Information (LMI) for this Occupation (Please attach printout)

Current Median Wage for this Occupation

$       per hour annual


Summarize other

work experience

Job Title


Ending Wage

Years Employed













Skills Information

(case manager) enter Staff Assisted Assessment activity in WF1

What personal attributes, experience, expertise, strengths, and transferrable skills do you have that will help you become re-employed?      

Assess your computer skills:

    Not comfortable with computers

    Basic (understand how to use Internet, email, word processing and the Microsoft Windows™ Operating System)

    Intermediate (some knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and/or Access etc…)

    Advanced (some knowledge of web design, web development, security administrator, and/or systems analyst etc…)

Do you need assistance with updating your computer skills? no yes

If yes, what type of computer training would you be interested in pursuing?      

Challenges and Concerns for Re-employment

(case manager) record any Support Services on tracking form (if any)

Why are you unable to find a comparable job with your current skills? (e.g., outdated skills, non-transferrable skills, obsolete skills)


Check all that apply



Work History

Lack Education / Credential



Legal / Background

Outdated Skills




Poor Reference(s)

Other, please describe:      

Is there anything that might prevent you from obtaining employment? no yes

If yes, please describe:      

Check here if you need referral to a community resource

Please provide specifics:      

Future Employment Goal & Outlook

Occupational Goal


Expected Starting Salary

$       per hour annual

Required Credential for this Occupation


Current Median Wage for this Occupation

$       per hour annual

Labor Market Information should show growth over the next five years and reflect the region you plan to work in.

Current Labor Market Information (LMI) for this Occupation (Please attach printout)

What are the minimum skill requirements to become successfully reemployed in your new job/career goal? What are employers asking for? (Look at job postings and talk with employers)      

Do you have prior experience in this occupation? If yes, explain what skills do you already possess that will transfer to this new occupation/industry?      

Is this salary at least 80% of your salary from your layoff employer? yes no

If no, explain why you choose this occupation:      

Do you need assistance with training to update your current skills, fill a skills gap or enhance your marketability in your future occupational goal? no yes If yes, what type of training?      

(discuss a Training Proposal with case manager)

Activities & Goals to Support Your Employment Plan

(case manager) add/change goals here & update progress at least monthly in case notes

enter Staff Assisted Job Search activity (in area or out of area) in WF1

enter Training activity (non-credentialed or credentialed) in WF1 (if provided)

(if appropriate) enter in WF1

Holding activity or Partnering activity or Planned Extended Leave activity or Temporary Call Back

Examples: complete formal assessment of skills/abilities/interests, research & submit training proposal, refine resume, find temporary/interim job, attend job clubs/workshops, complete skills updating or re-training, join professional organization, network…

Goal Contact employment counselor at least monthly






Goal If in training, submit grades & credential to employment counselor

Goal If in training, submit financial aid determination to employment counselor





If your occupational goal changes, please complete an addendum and attach.

Provide the reason for the change here:      

I understand that the above information may be shared with

METP and our partner agencies in the event this would help me to reach my goal.





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Thank you for filling this out completely!

Last updated Jul. 1, 2013