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Selection Process for 2011-2015 METP Eligible Provider List

Every five years, the Minneapolis Employment and Training Program issues Requests For Proposals (RFP) and, under a competitive solicitation, selects potential vendors to deliver employment and training services. Agencies that are selected are placed on a METP Eligible Providers List that defines the universe of potential providers for a specific time period. The open competition for this RFP is advertised on the METP website; former Master Contract vendors are also alerted to check the website for the upcoming RFP; and any agency that has inquired about or requested to be included in the Master Contract process since the previous process ended is alerted. The vendor requirements are determined by the Minneapolis Workforce Council. Some of the proposal questions used in the most recent process included:

Historically, the Minneapolis Workforce Council has also been very interested in issues such as living wages, benefits, and long term retention for clients served in our programs.

The criteria used to evaluate the proposals includes:

The responses to the RFP are systematically reviewed by neutral parties and ranked. Staff then make recommendations to the Minneapolis Workforce Council and the Minneapolis City Council on which agencies should be placed on the METP Eligible Providers List. During 2010, the Eligible Provider’s List was updated using the process described above. The 2011-2015 METP Eligible Providers List became effective January 1, 2011 and remains in force until December 31, 2015.   

When WIA and other funding opportunities become available, a funding-specific RFP is issued to vendors who have met the requirements to be placed on METP’s Eligible Provider’s List. Those agencies selected to deliver services from the program-specific RFP are issued a Master Contract. 


Last updated May 24, 2012