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February Business Spotlight: Peppers & Fries

Bringing Burgers and Burritos Together

Longfellow Market Collage SHAPREN

Another development win came for the Longfellow/Lake Street area, when experienced father-daughter restaurateur team Steve and Marie Frias opened Peppers & Fries at 3900 E Lake Street on January 26. The Friases selected the Longfellow Neighborhood as they were looking for a place to create an urban burger-burrito grill in a family-friendly, neighborhood setting - something they felt no one else was doing. Peppers & Fries, named after a combination of Steve and Marie’s childhood nicknames, offers over 10 made-from- scratch burger combinations. Steve, a burger aficionado, says the secret to a good burger is to start with fresh beef patties from Husnik Meat Co. and layer them with rich flavor sensations like peanut butter, pepper jelly, and bacon. A variety of burritos are also featured on the menu like the Willy’s Smothered Burrito which is filled with stewed chipotle pork, refried beans, Spanish rice, and cheddar and then smothered with more chipotle pork. 
Peppers & Fries is proud to work with other local businesses to provide recipe ingredients and desserts. Some of their local vendors include Izzy’s Ice Cream, PJ Murphy’s Bakery, and this summer they will feature bratwursts from the Longfellow Market across the street.
The remodel of the blighted, vacant SuperAmerica to a burger-burrito grill/sports bar with glass garage doors was a big undertaking. Steve said that the Longfellow Business Association was extremely helpful guiding them through the development review process and helping make connections to financial resources. The project was made possible with loans from BankCherokee, Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers, Neighborhood Development Center, and the City of Minneapolis. Peppers and Fries employ 32 staff.  

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Last updated Feb 27, 2015