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Homebuyers: Buy Smart. Buy Near Transit.

As homebuyers consider where to purchase a home in the Twin Cities, experts encourage folks to Buy Smart, Buy Near Transit. Purchasing a home or condo or buying into a housing cooperative that is near transit can save you money, deliver a better return on your investment, and bring a higher quality of life.

Transit is more convenient as Metro Transit, one of the country’s largest transit systems, has made a long-term commitment to higher frequency transit service on select routes. (Find details in "Overview" below).

Local news and national research discuss the dollars-and-sense importance of living near transit in the Twin Cities. A Brookings Institution study found significant savings for Twin Cities residents who live near and use transit for commuting. (See "Articles and Research" below).


Metro Transit High Frequency Routes (pdf, 1 page, 215 KB)

Articles and Research

"The Affordability Index: A New Tool for Measuring the True Affordability of a Housing Choice," (pdf, 24 pages, 3.54 MB) Brookings Institute study

"Cost of the commute: time and money," (pdf, 3 pages, 833 KB) Star Tribune article, June 24, 2006

"For some, commuting costs more than housing," (pdf, 2 pages, 517 KB) Star Tribune article, Oct. 11, 2006

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