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East Sector
Market Profiles

Market Profile area is one mile radius from center of node

Commercial NodesSectorCategory
13th Ave NE & University Ave NE EastSupport
16th Ave SE & Como Ave SEEastMonitor
22nd Ave NE & Johnson St NEEastSupport
29th Ave NE & Johnson St NEEastSupport
37th Ave NE & Central Ave NEEastMonitor
Lowry Ave NE & Marshall St NEEastSupport
Lowry Ave NE & University Ave NEEastSupport
University Ave SE & Bedford St SEEastMonitor
LRT Station Areas ( 1 mile radius)SectorCategory
West Bank (Central Corridor)EastIntervene
East Bank (Central Corridor)EastSupport
Stadium Village (Central Corridor)EastSupport
29 th Ave (Central Corridor) EastSupport
Cedar-Riverside (Hiawatha Line)EastIntervene

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Last updated May. 3, 2013