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Business Profile: K'ul Chocolate

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Inside K'ul Chocolate, one of only 140 bean-to-bar chocolatiers in the US.

While people usually think of chocolate as candy, Peter Kelsey, owner of K’ul Chocolate, is presenting chocolate in a new light: chocolate as a superfood. Frustrated by the unappetizing selection of energy bars, Peter wanted something different. He noticed that dark chocolate’s low glycemic index and balance of fats and carbohydrates would make it a delicious, natural alternative to traditional energy bars. With that, he decided to make his own, adding ingredients to his bars like pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, and in August 2015, opened K’ul Chocolate.  
K’ul (pronounced “cool”) is the Mayan word for energy. Located in the Seward neighborhood in Peter’s old karate studio (2211 E Franklin Ave), K’ul is one of only 140 bean-to-bar chocolatiers in the United States. Bean-to-bar means that everything, from roasting the cocoa beans to final packaging, is completed in-house, a process which required some licensing changes from the City to allow the combination of an artisanal manufacturing facility within a retail business. Currently, K’ul is roasting cocoa beans once a week, which are sourced mainly from South America. Peter and his team also visit most of the farms K’ul sources from to ensure they are both socially and environmentally responsible..   
In addition to the Seward retail location , K’ul chocolate bars can be purchased in retail outlets that serve a variety of clientele, including Peace CoffeeMidwest Mountaineering and East Side Food Co-op.  Looking to the future, Peter is considering creating a “chocolate café,” where customers can choose their own ingredients and create customized chocolate bars

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Last updated Nov 13, 2015