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Police Conduct Review Panel


The Police Conduct Review Panel is comprised of seven civilians appointed by the Mayor and City Council and a pool of sworn panelists selected by the Office of the Chief. After a complaint investigation is concluded, it is submitted to the Panel to review. Two civilians and two sworn panelists review the case, discuss it, and submit a recommendation on the merits to the chief of police.

Pool of Civilian Review Panelists

The final pool of review panelists appointed by the city council and mayor will consist of a minimum of seven (7) members, four appointed by the City Council and three appointed by the Mayor. All civilian members are appointed in conformance with the open appointments as outlined in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances §172.60 with several exceptions.

SeatAppointmentNameTerm BeginsTerm ExpiresTerm LengthWard
Seat 1City CouncilRobert Briscoe1/1/201312/31/201643
Seat 2City CouncilMichelle Monteiro1/1/201312/31/201649
Seat 3City CouncilDennis Wagner9/20/201312/31/201535
Seat 4City CouncilSarah McCann9/20/201312/31/2015310
Seat 5MayoralDonald Bellfield1/1/201312/31/201648
Seat 6MayoralNgoc Nguyen1/01/201512/31/20162
Seat 7MayoralPhillip Trebatoski1/01/201512/31/201518

Pool of Sworn Review Panelists

The Minneapolis Police Department considers the following criteria when selecting its sworn panelists:

Current Pool of Sworn Panelists as of April, 2015

Lt. Seat
Term Began
Term Length
Seat 1
Lt. Melissa Chiodo
5th Precinct Middlewatch
January 2014
2 years
Seat 2
Lt. Todd Gross
5th Precinct & Disaster Strike Team
February 2013
2 years
Seat 3
Lt. Jonathan Kingsbury
SOG Response
January 2014
2 years
Seat 4
Lt. Arthur Knight
4th Precinct
February 2013
2 years
Lt. Gary Nelson
2nd Precinct
April 2015
 2 years
Lt. Erick Fors
1st Precinct 
April 2015
2 years
Seat 7
Lt. Timothy Mattson
4th Precinct Dogwatch
July 2014
2 years

Review Panel Selection

Panels are comprised of:

Review panel process Picture

Individuals are selected to participate at equal intervals by OPCR supervisors, and the panels are scheduled on an as-needed basis by OPCR Administrative staff.

Appointment Process for Civilian Review Panelists

All civilian members are appointed in conformance with the open appointments as outlined in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances §172.60 with several exceptions. initial civilian appointees shall serve terms of two 92), three (3) or four(4) years to stagger the expiration terms. Thereafter, appointments shall be for four (4) years. Applications are received by the City Clerk and forwarded to the Mayor, the Public Safety, Civil rights & Emergency Management Chair and the Minneapolis Department of Civil rights staff for recommendation. Selected applicants are scheduled to speak at a public hearing in front of the Public Safety, Civil rights & Emergency Management Committee to the full Council for approval. More detailed information, see the appointment and selection process.

For email alerts on current ope ning information, please visit: Current Boards and Commissions Openings

Last updated Sep 11, 2015