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Office of Police Conduct Review
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Office of Police Conduct Review

The newest OPCR Quarterly Report has been published — 2014 Quarter 1 Report (PDF)


The Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) handles claims of police misconduct made to the City of Minneapolis. Civilian and police managers at the office will decide what course each case takes. Minor offenses can go straight to the officer’s supervisor for action. Cases can also go to mediation, where the complainants and officers meet with mediators to resolve the situations. Allegations of more severe misconduct prompt a full investigation, and the heads of the office decide whether a civilian or a police investigator should handle a particular case.

Police Conduct Review Panel

Completed investigations go to the Police Conduct Review Panel, which is made up of two civilians and two sworn officers. The four members will make final recommendations on the merits of the allegations to the Minneapolis Police Chief for action.

Police Conduct Oversight Commission

Created by Ordinance 2012-Or-061, amending Title 9, Chapter 172 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, the Police Conduct Oversight Commission assures that police services are delivered in a lawful and nondiscriminatory manner and provides the public with meaningful participatory oversight of police policy and procedure. Commission members have a variety of responsibilities including shaping police policy, auditing cases, engaging the community in discussions of police procedure, and facilitating cultural awareness trainings for the Minneapolis Police Department.

Filing a Complaint

You may file a complaint online, at your local precinct, or in person. You may also visit our offices in Minneapolis City Hall to collect a complaint form. Complaints must be filed with the OPCR within 270 days (9 months) of the date of the alleged police misconduct.

The OPCR investigates misconduct including any of the following:

Why You Should File

Officer Accountability - Filing a complaint can result in the discipline of an officer who commits misconduct and can alert police management of potentially abusive officers who engage in unauthorized or unlawful behavior.

Citizen Empowerment - Filing gives citizens an opportunity to participate in communit policing and address bariers to effective police/community relations

Civic Responsibility - Filing may prevent others from having similar experiences.

Additional Information

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