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Urban Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program dates? 

2015 program dates will be announced shortly.

When will I hear about the status of my application?

Candidates will be informed if they qualify for an interview once the application period has closed.

Do I need to be a resident of Minneapolis to apply?

No, you do not need to be a resident of Minneapolis to apply for the internship. 

What does "good standing" mean at an accredited academic institution?

Good standing means that you are not on an academic hold/probation when being considered for Urban Scholars.

Do I have to be a political science or any other related major to apply? 

No, all academic majors are encouraged to apply. 

I'm a freshman in college. Will I be eligible to apply?

Candidates must have completed their first year of post-secondary education before the start date of Urban Scholars 2015.

I'm a senior who is graduating in May. Will I be eligible to apply?

You must be accepted in a graduate program or law school in the fall prior to the start date of the Urban Scholars internship. If you are submitting graduate program applications and you have not received a response yet, please indicate this in your cover letter when you apply for Urban Scholars. We will verify your graduate program or law school enrollment prior to the start of the program.

I'm a graduate student. Am I eligible to apply?

All graduate students interested in learning more about careers in the public sector are encouraged to apply. To be considered, you must be enrolled and in good standing at an accredited graduate program or law school. When applying, you should select the "Urban Scholars - Graduate" option in the application.

I'm a returning Urban Scholar. Will the application and screening process be any different?

As a returning Urban Scholar, you will need to follow the general application process.

During the screening process, your prior experience as an Urban Scholar will be considered; however, it does not guarantee you admittance into the new cohort.

If I was a STEP-UP intern in a prior year, am I eligible to apply?

Former STEP-UP interns are eligible to apply. On the application, there will be a place to indicate whether you were a STEP-UP intern in prior years.

During the screening process, there will be some consideration of your prior experience in STEP-UP, especially from the City of Minneapolis STEP-UP program.

Do I need public sector work experience in order to apply? 

Previous public sector work experience is valued in our selection process, but it is not required. 

What other qualifications do I need to know? 

You must be authorized to work in the United States. If you are a F-1 Visa holder, please refer to the Off- Campus Basic Guidelines through the Department of Homeland Security.

What will be the work hours of Urban Scholars? Will I receive days off?

Please prepare to fully participate in the entire 12 week program (excluding City issued holidays and extenuating circumstances [i.e. illness, family emergency, etc.]). Hours will be 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday.

How will I be assigned to a City department? 

The selection panel will choose your department assignment based on a number of factors including your career goals, professional and academic experience, skill set, and your interest. 

What will I wear?

We ask that you use your best judgement in the details of your attire, but formal business to business casual is acceptable.

How will I be compensated?

Urban Scholars will be paid bi-weekly during the 12 week summer program. Undergraduate and Graduate rates will be announced shortly.

Will the program assist in arranging housing in the Twin Cities area?

No, you will need to arrange your own housing accommodations.

Can I receive an academic credit for my internship experience?

You should coordinate with your school to determine if an academic credit will be needed. Please, notify Urban Scholars early on in the program if this is your intentions.

Are there any other organizations participating in Urban Scholars?  

Urban Scholars is expanding their partnerships; therefore, new internship opportunities will be announced shortly. 2014 Urban Scholars were placed in the City of Minneapolis, Metropolitan Council, Minneapolis Public Schools, Greater Twin Cities United Way, and PCL Construction. 

If you are interested in applying to a partner organization, further instructions will be provided when the application period opens.   

Who can I contact for more information?

Please send an e-mail to

Last updated Sep 2, 2014