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Affirmative Action Planning

An affirmative action plan ("AAP") is a combination of policies and procedures a company utilizes to prohibit discrimination and promote employment opportunities for women, minorities and disabled individuals.  AAPs should be reviewed and updated routinely. 
Minneapolis Ordinance 139.50(d) requires every contractor, consultant, supplier, vendor, or developer (“Company”) entering into a contract with the City of Minneapolis to have an approved written AAP on file with the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (“MDCR”) prior to execution of the contract if:
If Company does not have an approved AAP on file with MDCR:
If Company has a current AAP approved by another agency:

Affirmative Action Plan Guidebooks

These guidebooks are intended to help develop a new AAP. There are two guidebook options to choose from depending on size of company. 
The Affirmative Action Plan Guidebook is for companies with 21 or more full time permanent employees. This number does not include owners.
The Modified Affirmative Action Guidebook is for companies with 20 or less full time permanent employees. This number does not include owners.
For AAP assistance, contact the Contract Compliance Officer assigned to monitor the contract or


Last updated Jul 18, 2014