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Contract Compliance Division


The Contract Compliance Division (CCD) monitors City of Minneapolis construction and development, commodities and supplies, and professional and technical services contracts by enforcing related local and federal civil rights and wage laws and policies. CCD monitors City contracts to ensure that minorities, women and low income business owners and workers have access to employment and contracting opportunities and that workers are paid appropriate wages. CCD is responsible for ensuring compliance in five primary program areas: affirmative action, minority and women business inclusion, minority and female employment, Davis Bacon and prevailing wage, and HUD Section 3 contracting and employment. CCD is also a certifying agency of the Minnesota Unified Certification Program (MNUCP), a statewide collaboration, certifying disadvantaged businesses. CCD work is mandated by Minneapolis City Code of Ordinances Title 7, Chapter 139.50; Title 16, Chapter 423; and Title 23, Chapter 26, and Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 26.

Equity Goals

The City of Minneapolis aims to provide equal opportunities to all businesses, with an effort to redress discrimination in the City’s marketplace by setting various goals on city projects. The City has a number of programs to work towards this effort including: Small and Underutilized Business, Housing and Urban Development Section 3, Construction Workforce Goals, and Supplier Diversity.

Pre-Award Compliance Review

All contracts in excess of $50,000 are subject to a pre-award compliance review. A comprehensive review of the pending contract is conducted; this includes a review of the firms’ affirmative action planning and good faith efforts to meet set goals and policies.

Contract Monitoring

Throughout the duration of the contract, CCD monitors compliance with all applicable requirements, laws, and policies.
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Last updated Jul 18, 2014