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Contract Compliance Division

Notice: Effective May 1, 2012 the employment goals for onsite labor on all City construction contracts are 6% female and 32% minority.


The Contract Compliance Division (CCD) monitors construction projects and goods and services contracts by enforcing various local and federal civil rights and wage laws and policies during the procurement and construction stages of contracts. The CCD monitors city contracts to ensure that workers are treated fairly, and paid appropriate wages, and that minorities, women and low income business owners and workers have access to employment and contracting opportunities.

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Contract Compliance Division Responsibilities

Affirmative Action Plans
All companies doing in excess of $50,000 worth of business with the City, at one time, or cumulatively during one calendar year must have on file an approved affirmative action plan (AAP). An AAP includes an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) policy statement, sexual harassment in the work place policy, complaint reporting procedures, employment goals for City construction projects, company work force diversity and future hiring goals, and goals on how to increase diversity.

Compliance Reporting
All construction related contractors are required to submit prevailing wage and labor participation by race and sex. Electronic reports are submitted online via LCPtracker.

Disparity Study
The City commissioned a Disparity Study to examine evidence that would support the continuation of Minneapolis’ Small and Underutilized Business Program and see whether any modifications of that plan would be beneficial. This National Economic Research Associates (NERA) study was completed in October 2010 and provides evidence in support of setting goals for minority and women owned business participation in City contracts.

Poverty and Unemployment Information by Minneapolis Zip Code
Poverty rate and statistical data for Minneapolis.

Equal Benefits Ordinance and a Living Wage Ordinance
Contracts in excess of $100,000 are subject to the Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO) which requires contractors receiving City funding to offer domestic partner benefits. The CCD handles all complaints regrding the EBO, which may be subject to change considering the State of Minnesota recognizing same sex marriage starting August 1, 2013.

Good Faith Efforts
CCD evaluates contractors' efforts to meet the Small and Underutilized Business Program (SUBP) goals, Section 3 and employmentgoals. Pre-construction booklets are reviewed as well as pre-bid and bidding documents. Only Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) that are certified through the Minnesota Unified Certification Program (MNUCP) at count towards meeting the SUBP goals.

New Employment Goals
Effective May 2012 the City of Minneapolis employment goals are 6% female and 32% minority. These new goals should provide for increased opportunity for minority trade workers on City projects.

Pre-Award Review
All contracts in excess of $50,000 or more with the City must submit to a pre-construction meeting where the CCD, developers and general contractors meet to discuss Civil Rights requirements. This review includes evaluating the contractor's intent to meet various labor and contracting goals.

Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon Act
Companies working with construction contracts of $2,000 or more of federal CDGB or HOME funds must comply with the Davis-Bacon Act.

Small & Underutilized Business Program
Professional services contracts in excess of $50,000 and construction project contracts in excess of $100,000 must comply with the Small & Underutilized Business Program. Participation goals for Women and Minority Owned-Business are calculated for each project.

The CCD has implemented a supplier diversity program to promote utilization of woman and minority owned businesses for public contracting. The intent of this model program is to provide City departments with the opportunity to engage local woman and minority owned businesses in providing goods and services via bids for city contracts of less than $50,000.

Each departmental unit within the city will have a unique percentage goal set, however the overall city goal for Minority Business Enterprise contracting will be initially set at 12% and Woman Business Enterprise contracting will be 13%. Departments will be held accountable for their efforts through regular reports to the City Council.

Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP)
The City of Minneapolis engages many organizations to assist Minneapolis-based businesses in becoming sustainable employers in the community.  You are encouraged to approach one of these business consulting organizations for assistance with planning your business growth, pursuing DBE certification, or accessing appropriate financing to be a successful bidder.  Please refer to the City’s Small Business Technical Assistance Program for a list of service providers.

Last updated Feb. 12, 2014