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 Affirmative Action Planning
An affirmative action plan (AAP) is a combination of policies and procedures a company utilizes to prohibit discrimination and promote employment opportunities for women, minorities and disabled individuals.
Minneapolis Ordinance 139.50(d) requires every developer, contractor, consultant, supplier, or vendor (Company\) entering into a contract with the City of Minneapolis to have an approved written AAP on file with the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) prior to execution of the contract if:
1.     The contract is over $50,000.
2.     An amended contract’s cumulative amount is over $50,000.
3.     There is more than one contract with a combined total over $50,000.
There are three (3) options for submitting a plan:
1.    Submit an AAP Company already has.
2.    Submit one of the City’s template plans.[1]
      a.  Modified AAP Statement
b.  Full AAP
3.    Submit a Certificate of Compliance received from one of the following agencies:
o    Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR)  
o    City of St. Paul
o    Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association (MMCA)  
o    National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).
Plans approved by the City 1) must be submitted via e-mail, 2) are subject to audits, and 3) expire three (3) years after approval.
MDCR keeps a list of companies with AAPs on file with the City.
Affirmative Action Plan List
For AAP assistance, please contact the



[1] A Full AAP is only required for Companies that are: 1) entering into City contracts over $100,000, 2) located in the 11 County Metro Area, and 3) have over 40 full time employees on a single working day in the past 12 months. All other companies entering into contracts with the City may submit the Modified AAP Statement.


Last updated Nov 4, 2015