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Investigatory Detention Study

Created by motion from Commissioner Singleton during February 10, 2015 regular meeting.

Study Goals:
This study explores the existing conditions in the documentation of investigatory detention stop activities, otherwise known as Terry Stops.
Research questions
1.    To determine whether reasonable suspicion, identification of parties (including demographic information), and search activities are being recorded using the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system during such stops;
2.     to develop a reasonably accurate estimate of the average time and duration of such stops; and
3.     to identify trends, if any, of the location and outcome of such stops. 
Click here to find the electronic copy of the study with live links (PDF)
Click here to find a print friendly copy of the study (PDF)
Interactive Maps

The study uses interactive maps to display the location results from the study. Below you will find a map depicting documented and undocumented investigatory detention stops. Red dots indicate undocumented stops; green dots indicate documented stops. Click the dot to view documented information about the stop and the outcome. At the bottom of the map, you will find a filter that will allow you to view only documented or undocumented stops. To view a map depicting outcomes, click here. To view a map depicting the duration of stops, click here.


Last updated Mar 31, 2015