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Case Information

The Police Conduct Oversight Commission looks at case data in a multitude of ways, several examples being the short descriptions in case synopses, and then more in depth as full case summaries. All identifying informaiton has been removed from case summaries and synopses in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. As such, summaries and synopses are considered public data.

Case Synopses

Commissioners are presented with ten (10) case synopses, a brief description of the complaint and outcome, at each regular meeting. Commissioners select three synopses to be presented at the following Commission meeting for analysis as full case summaries, where they will contain more detailed case information.

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Case Summaries

Cases are selected for summary by the Commission from the monthly case synopses. Case summaries contain the details of a complaint from the date of the incident to its closure. They provide the Commission deeper look into a case to allow for a robust discussion of police practices and procedures. Case summaries will have identifying information removed to ensure that they remain available to the public.

The first three case summaries were released November 2013:

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Last updated Feb 11, 2015