Truth-in-Housing Quick Overview

Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) Reports are available online on City of Minneapolis Property Information.

  1. The seller hires a licensed Truth-in-Housing (TIH) evaluator.
  2. The evaluator performs evaluation of the property to be sold and writes a disclosure report.
  3. The evaluator files the disclosure report online at Property Information. A checklist of any required repairs will be online with the report.
  4. The seller needs to keep a copy of the disclosure report at the property so that potential buyers can see it. The seller should keep a copy of the report to give buyer at closing.
  5. If there are no required repairs, a Certificate of Approval (COA) is issued online. If there are repairs and and the seller completes the repairs, the COA is issued online. This is needed for closing.
  6. If repairs are needed and have not been completed before closing, the buyer needs to sign an acknowledgment of responsibility and submit it to the City within one day of closing.
  7. The buyer needs to complete all repairs within 90 days of closing.
  8. Once the buyer has completed all repair items, the Buyer Certificate of Completion is issued online.
  9. After either the seller or buyer completes the required repairs, a reinspection, is needed with a City inspector for work needing a permit or the evaluator who did the initial evaluation for non-permit work.
  10. Licensed contractors are needed to perform any required safety checks.
  11. Licensed contractors are often required to do the permit work.
  12. The buyer needs to complete all the required repairs before they can get a new TISH report to re-sell the property.
  13. TISH reports are vaild for 2 years or one sale. The report must be in the sellers name.

Last updated Sep 5, 2018