Minneapolis Workforce Council


The Minneapolis Workforce Council, as originally established by the regulations set forth in the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) and re-established by the regulations of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), will determine the directions and set policies for training and placement activities aimed at reducing the unemployment of Minneapolis residents and promoting School-To-Work Transition Programs. The Council will oversee the operation of Workforce Centers within the City of Minneapolis.

Meeting Schedule

The WFC shall meet at least four times a year. Additional meetings, as needed, may be called at the discretion of the Chair.




Minneapolis Employment and Training Program

Phone Number

(612) 673-6226

Number of Members:

WFC shall consist of not more than 19 voting members, with representation as follows:

  • Large Business - 5 members
  • Small Business - 5 members
  • Organized Labor - 2 members
  • Educational Agency - 2 members
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Agency - 1 member
  • Public Assistance Agency - 1 member
  • Economic Development Agency - 1 member
  • Public Employment Service - 1 member
  • Community-Based Organization - 1member

Appointment Process

Individuals who are interested in becoming members of the Minneapolis Workforce Council will submit an application (found on the Citys web-site) to the City Clerks office. Using the Citys open appointment process the applications are reviewed by staff and the Chair of the WFC, who make recommendations to the Mayor. The Mayor appoints the selected person to the WFC.

Term of Appointment

Members shall serve two-year assignments. Membership status shall be reviewed at the end of each program year to determine member interest and desire to continue to serve on the WFC. The Mayor shall review the WFC membership and may re-appoint for an additional term with agreement from the WFC members.



Residency Requirement


Last updated Oct 24, 2011