Public Health Advisory Committee

City of Minneapolis Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC)


The Public Health Advisory Committee has responsibility for the following functions:

1. To advise the City Council regarding:

a) policy matters affecting health of Minneapolis residents, and
b) general roles and functions of the Department of Health and Family Support.

2. To review the proposed priorities of the Department of Health and Family Support and make recommendations to the City Council; and

3. To consider complaints and views expressed by residents affecting delivery of public health services in Minneapolis, forward those concerns, and make recommendations as necessary to the City Council and/or the Department of Health and Family Support.

Meeting Schedule

The 4th Tuesday of the month, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in various community locations.


Department of Health & Family Support

Phone Number


Number of Members


The PHAC has up to 22 members composed of 14 residents and up to 8 other representatives. The 14 residents will be selected by having each of the 13 Council Members appoint one resident from their respective wards, and one resident representative shall be appointed by the Mayor. Appointments are confirmed by the full Council.

The 8 other representatives will be appointed by the City Council by requesting the following organizations to submit a nominee representing their interests:

1 - The Minneapolis Public Schools, Health Related Services;

1 - Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health

1 - The University of Minnesota, School of Public Health

2 - The Minneapolis Health and Human Services Leadership Group (Urban Health Professional Advisory Committee).

3 - (up to) - At Large appointees to be recommended by the PHAC to ensure that the membership reflects the diversity of the Minneapolis community.

In addition, one representative from Environmental Services of the City’s Regulatory Services Department, to represent Environmental Health shall serve as an ex-officio member.

It is the clear intent that the composition of the Public Health Advisory reflects the diverse interests and perspectives of the Minneapolis community. It is the expectation that all parties responsible for the recruitment, recommendations to and approval of members shall make every effort to ensure the realization of this intent.

Appointment Process

The Committee uses the Citys open appointment process

Term of Appointment

Member terms are two years in length and may serve up to three consecutive terms.



Residency Requirement

Ward representative and at-large positions must be residents of Minneapolis

Last updated Feb 5, 2014