Civil Service Commission, Minneapolis


Ensures there is a fair and effective merit-based system of personnel administration ,as provided in the City Charter, is carried out. Hire, promote and retain the most qualified persons for the city's classified positions, in a way that is efficient and legal. Maintain an efficient work force through human resource support services to all city departments. Fairly and effectively classify jobs based on their job-related contribution to the City's goals. Respond to requests for information regarding personnel policies and practices in the City.

Meeting Schedule

Once a month, the 4th Tuesday of the month


The Commission governs the Human Resources Department. Commissioners are appointed by the Executive Committee.

Phone Number


Number of Members


Appointment Process

Each year one of the three Commission seats expires. If a current Commissioner is not interested in re-appointment or is not re-appointed by the Executive Committee, the Commission seat is opened up for applications from the public. Applications are pre-screened by the Director of Human Resources and the City Coordinator. Nominations are forwarded to the Mayor for support and the Executive Committee makes the final appointment decision. Typically, one Commissioner has a Human Resources background, one has a legal background, and one has a labor background.

Term of Appointment

3 years


$1,500 per annum

Residency Requirement

Yes and cannot hold a position in the classified service during term in office.

Last updated Oct 24, 2011